Inn of a mountain view ryuutenkanyamachougatsu sister store

It's with a favor in a former mountain, a house, renovation.
I restored in oar inclusive of foods and drinks until check-out time from check-in time. I'll guide you in all 12 rooms.

  • Guest room

    Guest room space of cure

  • Onsen

    The Rotenburo (outdoor bath) where I wish for a superb view

  • Having

    Dish of chef commitment

Guest room

  • [A type](35m2~40m2

    The open room type.
    The time when you can also equip well with a massage chair (kaiou II) and untie a body and a heart.
    Quota 2 people-5 people.

  • [B type](25m2

    The room-type with the modern flooring type
    Quota 1 person-2 people.

  • [C type](21m2~26m2

    The quiet your room type of the tatami-floored.
    There are a low bed type and a high bed type.
    Quota 1-2 people.

Equipment A refrigerator/50 inches of television/safe (only the A type)/bidet full equipment
Amenity goods Toothbrush/towel/bath towel/hair dryer


  • The outdoor hotspring bath full of feeling of opening can enjoy the scenery of the each season.

  • An amenity: The comb/shower cap/razor/cosmetics/shaving form I'm preparing shampoo conditioner and a body soap.


A cook will prepare freshly baked for the main dish which can be chosen in an iron plate.

  • Cooking of chef commitment

  • Eating place

  • Eating place

  • Lobster Miso cream baking

  • Ear shell grilled meat

  • Sendai cow grilled meat

Corona measure I'm preparing gloves and alcohol disinfectant.
The additional menu You can add it by US cow 200g of 1100 yen (including tax).
Alcohol The kind and an example Draft Beer (the morning sun), sparkling wine, wine (red and white), sake, Shochu (potato, wheat and the mirror month), liqueur, Plum Wine, MONAN, soda water, soft drink and ice machine

A meal by a All-you-can-eat style is resting during facing for spread of the novel coronavirus prevention.
I change and am doing an offer by your room food of morning and evening. It's usually a street about foods and drinks from lounge.
You may have it in your room, be here and come, so please like and still spend some time of the paradise by a drink.

Facilities information

Facilities name An inn is NABU SA.
Location Zip 989-0908 7-5, Aoneonsen, Kawasaki-machi, Shibata-gun, Miyagi
TEL 0224-87-2411
FAX 0224-87-2641
Access It's a car more than Shiroishizao Station, 40 minutes
Check-in 14:00 (last check-in time :18:00)
Check-out 10:00
Pick-up service ※ Pick-up service no charge needs reservation to Togatsutaonsen.
The number of guest rooms 12 rooms
Equipment in the building Lounge space drink (alcohol, cold drink, hot drink and snack), 2 massage chairs, all charge inclusive and dining Zelkova tree, smoking room and public bath Rotenburo (outdoor bath) 2 for each of men and women It's possible to take a bath for 24 hours (ari of stairs).
Parking number 30 cars

Access map

Zip 989-0908 7-5, Aoneonsen, Kawasaki-machi, Shibata-gun, Miyagi